Saturday, April 19, 2008

wazzup Doc

I had a funny encounter with this young male Ob-Gyne Doctor at City hospital last night during my shift. I've already seen him a couple of times mostly at the OB nurse station coz it's just located next to our pedia ward station. So all i know he's a doctor but i don't know his name or family name. So last night, around meal break, he came to our pedia ward station and asked if he could eat there. So i said sure. Suddenly out of the blue, he asked me if i graduated from Corpus Christi. So I said yes doc , not knowing why he asked. He then blurted out " dah lage, Ka batch man siguro ta". I was puzzled and i thought to myself he must have mistaken me from somebody else coz i really don't know him and he's not familiar to me. So i asked, Sure ka Doc? He then asked me what year i graduated from Corpus and i told him i graduated 1995. He then told me, " grabeh wala daw ko ka remember sa iya. I tried hard to recognize him and i even made a mental scanning of every pictures found in my yearbook but to no avail. hehe. He then asked me if i know Cherry Pink. So i replied yes doc, barkada mi. He just laughed and i was pretty embarassed already. Just then a nurse came and asked for doc Emata. Bang! So it's him. Brian Emata. I hardly recognize him at all without those thick glasses which he used to have. He was the nerdy type way back highschool and looking at him now, boy he sure has changed. Gone are the the thick glasses, no longer skinny infact he looks quite dashing. He then started to mention names from our batchmates. He then asked me how come i know everyone but not him. I just laughed and told him i didn't recognize him without his glasses. He just laughed out loud. After that funny encounter, i just couldn't help but smile. It's been what 13 years already and much have changed. I guess some people may still look the same after 13 years while others dont.

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