Thursday, April 3, 2008

Feeling better

Glad that i was feeling a lot better when i got up in bed this morning. The medicine which i took last night was effective. Although, my legs were still a little weak and other parts of my body are still aching but nevertheless i was set to work. My 2nd day of work was not as stressful as my 1st day. Maybe because i was already acquainted with the medicines i had to give. So for this day i had two admissions. I also did some charting under the supervision of my head nurse. By 2:30, my work was done. My boyfriend showed up at the hospital. It was his off from work so he came to fetched me. I was very happy to see him and it's been a long time since we get to spend time together and so we went to Limketkai to grab some snacks at greenwhich. We strolled for awhile and we went home. I was in high spirits when i got home. I was tired but not much but happy. I guess being with my boyfriend is like visiting with a masseuse. heheh. It's like, suddenly all my body pains were gone. My energy level was revived somehow and most important my satisfaction level zoomed up....hahah. But seriously, I was happy to see my bf.


Aisha said...

Naks! He is your medicine hahaha!

Melissa said...

medicine jud. therapeutic kaau aish ako bf. hahaha