Wednesday, April 9, 2008

goodbye angel

It's back to work for me today after my 2 days off. As i went to look at the pedia ward, i did not saw little boy Jamis which was admitted during my shift last sunday. I talked to Aira, the night nurse volunteer and she told me that little boy Jamis died at her shift 1 am monday due to cardiac arrest. I was shocked and at the same time i felt sad. At the time of his admission his medicines were given late because his parents had no money to buy the prescribed meds. The little boy was having difficulty breathing and he was on oxygen via facemask and he was really restless and he kept crying and pulling his oxygen mask and even his IV tubings. His mother on the other hand kept spanking him and scolding him. Instead of showing love, care and concern to her child who is sick, she kept on scolding him and she was a little harsh on the child and kept saying that the boy is very "Maldito" meaning mean and bad. Finally a doctor came to reprimand the mother's behavior. Aira told me how the mother was hysterical when little boy Jamis was pronounced dead. Thoughts then ran to my mind, " was the mother feeling guilty that she did nothing to soothe the pain her child is going through by giving the child love, attention, understanding, and care. Did she regret laying her hands on her child when he was restless and in pain? ". I felt sorry that the little boy had to endure the scoldings of her mother when all he wanted was his mother's love and care. I know the little boy is no longer pain now. So i bid my little angel goodbye.

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