Saturday, April 5, 2008

Student nurse VS. Registered Nurse

I remember how tough being a student nurse is. We have to work at the hospital and study at the same time. Before our shift starts, we have to do patient visit to read the charts, check on new orders from the doctor and do assessment of your patient. Then after patient visit, we have to make our requirements such as our NCP or Nursing Care Plan, Drug study, Physical assessment. No requirements means no duty and no duty for 1 day would mean 3 days extension duty. What makes our work load more heavy is having this Toxic Clinical Instructors who loves to see us physically and mentally drained by giving us quizzes. Plus they want their student nurses always at the patients bedside. By the time our shift ends we were all exhausted. Now that i'm already a registered nurse and working, i can tell the big difference and it's not as tiring as it was when i was still a student nurse. Being a registered nurse entitles you to sit and chat for awhile without getting reprimanded by CI's. hehe. After our shift ends, we can go home to rest without worry of having to do some requirements or some studying to do. This morning on my shift there were Liceo students on duty and i can totally relate to them coz i've been there, done that. Some of them were a little nervous, afraid of making mistakes and some were just too tired or too lazy to do their assigned task. I've been through all that and i could empathize with them.

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