Friday, April 11, 2008


Yepee...TGIF! Tomorrow is my day off from work. Not that i hate my job infact im enjoying my work now coz i'm learning each day but i guess it's not bad to take some time off to unwind, have time for yourself and love ones...(ahem) heheh. Next week, On the 16th i will be on PM shift from 3pm til 11 pm. For me the Pm shift is the longest shift. I like Morning shifts coz time seems to fly so quickly. Although morning shift is the busiest coz it's the time new orders from the doctors have to be carried out but the more busy you are, the more you tend to forget the passing of time and before u know it; it's already 3Pm. yehey..heheh. Oh well, tomorrow is also a big day for me and my BF. FYI, tomorrow will be our 1 year and 3 mos..wohooo...hehe. our plans for tomorrow? not sure though coz he has work. huhuhu..i'll ask later when he get's off from work. heheh.. miss him so much....

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