Sunday, April 20, 2008

monday blues...

Im tired and i don't feel like working at all today. For two days i have been the charged nurse at pedia ward and take note no regular staff nurse. I hate it so much because we are volunteer nurse and not relievers that in case a regular staff nurse is absent, we have to take over. But excuse me, it's not part of our contract as volunteer nurse. Full of crap! I feel like they are abusing the nurse volunteers. We get to work and do their job while they get paid and we don't. It really is unfair. This is the reason why i don't feel like working today. Im just so tired and pissed by the way we are treated. The staff nurses can take any day off they want because they know that there will be nurse volunteers to take over their job. The senior nurse should sit down with the staff about their absences. It's not fair to us.

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