Saturday, October 4, 2008

ultrasound result...

I had my ultrasound yesterday afternoon and hold your breath everyone (heheh)'s a BABY GIRL! Hurray for those who guessed it right. hehe. A lot of people told me that i'm having a boy. So even before my ultrasound i was convinced that i will have a baby boy. So i was surprised, happy and at the same time when the doctor said that it's a girl. I've always wanted a baby girl. I guess the stork got me what i wanted to have. hehe. Abay and i are excited. He was thrilled when he saw the baby curling inside my tummy. Everyone in the family knows already and some of my friends too. They are excited for me and Abay. Now that we know the baby's gender, we will buy baby stuffs nextweek. Im excited to pick stuffs for baby girl. cool..hehe.

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