Friday, October 17, 2008

choosing a name @ 7 mos

Im am now on my 7 month of pregnancy and this picture tells me how my baby looks like inside. Cool huh? And according to the books that i've read, may baby now weighs about 3 pounds and she can now open and close her eyes. She floats, kicks, and hiccups which explains the sudden jumpy movement that i feel sometimes. Most of all she can now hear me.

Now that my baby will be arriving soon, choosing a name for her is not that easy. I looked over the internet for possible baby names and always gets a headache after my search. hehe. Although i already have decided on what my baby's first name would be, i still have to choose for a 2nd name. Chloe would be my baby's first name but i still have to decide if it would be Chloe Eunice, Chloe Beatriz, Chloe Arianna, Chloe Simone or Chloe alexa. whew, the list just never stops. haha. So what will it be? Sugesstions, anyone?


Aisha said...

Chloe Simone for me. Not Beatriz coz remember Beatrice in High School? Haha! Kidding! 7 months, wow, so fast. I'm excited for ya!

Melissa said...

hahah.kalay ka aish...hate jud to nimo c beatrice...hahah