Monday, September 22, 2008

What will the stork bring me?

I went to my Ob-Gyne today for my routine check up. I gained 5 kilos from last months 2.5. I could feel that im heavier now. I can't stand sitting or standing for long hours. Sometimes i feel pressure on my back. The baby moves alot and i could feel his heartbeat. When the doctor saw me today, she smiled and told me that im almost there. The doctor said that my weight gain is just fine and that i should just stay away from too much sweets, carbohydrates and limit intake of soft drinks. BUMMER!..hehe. i crave for those things. Hard to resist. haha. Tomorrow i will be having my ulrtrasound and it's finally revelation time...Everyone in the family is excited to know what my baby's gender would be. I too am excited. But i feel that im carrying a baby boy although i wished for a baby girl. But it don't matter. I Just pray that my baby would be healthy and normal. Tomorrow's a big day for me and abay. It will be the first time we're going to meet the baby..We are both looking forward for tomorrow. Will it be a baby SAMUEL or a Baby CHLOE? Your guess is as good as mine...

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