Saturday, October 18, 2008

When boredom strikes!

The books and articles i've read says that it is but normal that during your 7th month of pregnancy, a woman feels bored and anxious for her pregnancy to be over. It's exactly what i feel right now. Im really bored, tired, exhausted and wished that this will end soon. The things that i love most to do before are now the things that gets me bored and tired. Going to the malls, shopping and going out with friends gives me the adrenaline rush and i enjoy it. But now that i'm pregnant, i'm too lazy to do these things and when i'm at it, i get easily bored and tired and by the time i get home, i feel so sleepy.

Even if i'm just at home doing nothing, i still feel sleepy and tired. The third trimester is the most sleep challenged stage of pregnancy. With the frequency of urination, inability to get comfortable, extra weight, and preparing for the new baby, some women find themselves struggling to stay awake.

I realize now that pregnancy aint easy. They say it is an exciting experience that one goes through. I say it's true but as pregnancy progresses to later stages and near your expected due date, boredom strikes. Once this is all over excitement begins as i prepare for motherhood.

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