Saturday, September 6, 2008

missing my...

These pictures were taken few months ago. This was during the pediatric ward outing at Jasaan swimming pool. I could still remember how much fun we had that day. I never wanted to go with the outing because i hardly had any sleep coming from my graveyard shift but my colleagues wouldn't hear any of my excuses and were so persistent that it was hard not to give in. But im glad i went or i would have missed the fun. For 3 mos we bonded so well at the pediatric ward. We learned alot from each other and work at the ward was never that dull when you have a good relationship with each other.

When i got pregnant and got married i decided not to continue working. I never saw my friends at JRB hospital again. We text once in awhile but i thought i'd never miss them or my work. I guess i was wrong. I miss my duty schedule, the work pressures, charting and just being a nurse. Looking back, i was happy at my work and now im starting to miss work and yes, my friends i left behind at JRB.

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