Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A sneak peek :)

I had my ultrasound this afternoon. My hubby and i went there together. We were so happy to see the images of the baby. The doctor pointed to us each baby parts. The baby's feature is much clearer to me now as compared to my first ultrasound test which was taken last September. My hubby and i felt the excitement upon seeing our baby. It won't be long and we will finally get to see and hold her in our arms. I'm having a baby girl and she will be named Chloe. I just felt that the name would be perfect for her. According to my physician, i might give birth on the 28th of December. After my ultrasound test, my hubby and i went to the mall to buy some more baby stuffs. I enjoyed buying stuffs for my baby. Now that im nearing my expected due date, i am just filled with so much emotions. I am excited and at the same time scared of the labor process. I really hope and pray that i will have a normal delivery because undergoing cesarian section is very expensive and the healing time is much longer as compared to a normal delivery.


janet said...

hi melissa, i just know how you feel. this time is like waiting forever for baby to come. i prayed the same thing too.. to have a normal delivery. i had it and it was awesome. although of course, there's this labor pain... but i'm sure you could handle it.
please consider breatfeeding exclusively. it's the best.
by the way, i like your template. it's sweet.

Aisha said...

This is really exciting for you guys, your families, and us! Gosh! Melissa the first in our high school group to have a baby. Remember when we used to talk about who will get married first and all that? I can't believe you are having one :). So happy for you!

Melissa said...

Thanks very much Jan. I just hope i'd be able to handle the labor pains well. Yes, i will definitely breastfeed my baby when she comes out, i hope i have enough milk for her though.

Melissa said...

Yes aish, but u were the first to get married. :) Can't wait to see your own baby soon.

Dines said...

Congratulations! Enjoy this time of waiting. I would say go out on dates with your hubby as often as possible. It would be a little difficult to find time for your dates when the little one comes. If you'll end up having a C-section, don't worry because it is the most convenient way of giving birth. I had it and it's wonderful. It won't make you less of a new mom, at all. It's all the same. Painless delivery doesn't make you less of a mom. Postpartum recovery would be a little longer but it's not bad at all. It's better to prepare yourself both for normal and C-section, because you'll never know. Have fun!

FickleMinded said...

Congrats!! my memory is still fresh when hubby and I heard our baby's heartbeat and it put tears to our eyes, it's just amazing!!!

FickleMinded said...

I'm tagging you about the Filipino Blog Prayer Brigade. :)
blog Prayer Brigade

Lalaine said...

Wow! it's exciting! God bless you delivery!

By the way, thanks for addin me..I've added you na sad!

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