Friday, November 21, 2008

32 weeks & still counting

Whew! Im now on my 32 weeks of pregnancy. I know i'm getting there already and i have mixed emotions as my expected date draws near. I am excited when it happens but at the same time scared of what i'll be going through when i'll be on labor. I have been reviewing my nursing books regarding the Labor and Delivery process and i've been reading alot from the internet as well. It's my first time so i really don't know what to expect. I can only presume that going into labor is painful and as to what extent, i really don't know. I could only hope and pray that when the time comes,i'll do just fine and that my baby and i will be both healthy.


Juliana RW said...

Hi Melissa,

Congrat for your pregnancy. And thank you for ur vote on my blog. See you around :D

janet said...

hi melissa,

wow you're on your 32nd week already. have you been doing your breathing practices? i think they're helpful enough especially during labor time.

enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. and i hope all will be well.

Mary said...

I'm sure that you will do just fine. Every first time mother feels this way :-) Yes, it will hurt but how much varies with each person, but you won't care or remember once you have your precious child. If you've read and learned what to do, it won't be as bad as you think. Prayer is always good, too :-)

Melissa said...

To Janet, Juliana and Mary: Thank you so much for your advice and words of encouragement. :)