Saturday, May 17, 2008

mama's sick

I haven't got the chance to update my blog. I have been so busy looking after mama. Last May 7, when i got home from my night duty, i was texted that mama was confined at Sanitarium Hospital in Iligan. I called my brother and asked him what happened. It was then i learned that mama had been vomiting the night before and she was complaining of body weakness and dizziness. I was worried. Mama is hypertensive and is a type 2 diabetic and she had mainatenance drugs but she hasn't been religiously taking them and has not been visiting her doctor for follow up check up. So immediately, we, together with my tita and tito left for iligan that morning. When we got there, my brother was in tears. He was really worried. When i saw my maman, she was weak and had right facial paralysis with right hemaperesis on her right side of the body.I was so numbed. I didn't know how to react. For the next 4 days, i had to watch over mama at the hospital and i had to miss my work. It was very tiring, stressful and i had sleepless nights coz i had to attend to mama's needs. My brother and i take turns in keeping an eye on mama while at the hospital. It was tough. My boyfriend came to iligan on his day off from work and he was really of great help to us on that day. My brother and i really needed an extra hand that day. As soon as mama's condition was stable, she was discharged from the hospital but her physical therapy will have to continue for the next 3 mos. We had to hire a caregiver who will attend to mama's needs when she's at home recovering. I visit mama as often as i can during my off days from work. When i look at mama now, much has changed. She's still weak and still couldn't move her right side making her unable to walk. We had to put her on diaper at night so it would not be difficult for her to travel from her room to the comfort room. I hope and pray that she regains her strength and that she will be able to respond well with her medications and her on going therapy.

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